Ukraine's frontline residents refuse to abandon their homes

Not much is left of the village of Predtechyne, situated about a dozen kilometres from the frontline in Ukraine's eastern Donets’k region.

Most residents have evacuated to safer areas, but Oleksandr is one of the 20 villagers out of 150 who chose to remain, despite the raging war and difficult living conditions.

His house has endured heavy shelling, and while his wife sought safety in a nearby city, he stayed behind and is now living in just two small rooms.

A former welder, he's currently unemployed and relies on weekly deliveries of food and essentials from volunteers.

Despite the dangers, Oleksandr says he has full confidence that Ukrainian soldiers will protect them, whilst expressing his deep connection to the land and his determination to stay and fight.

As explosions echo in the distance, the Ukrainian military remains vigilant against any attempts made by Russian forces to advance further into the territory.

Watch the full report from Euronews' correspondent Valérie Gauriat.