Residents outraged over 'heartless' decision to 'butcher' Aussie town

The local council has hit back at suggestions it's responsible for 'ruining' the Queensland suburb.

Residents in a Queensland town are outraged over a "heartless" decision to remove a number of "iconic" trees that are "historic" in the area.

It's believed a "beautiful" tree canopy, known as the "Catherdral Fig Walk" was planted along Prince Edward Parade in Redcliffe over half a century ago, but a decision was recently made to chop it all down, leaving locals furious.

The Moreton Bay fig trees are native to eastern Australia with many residents calling them "iconic". Until now, the tree canopy made for a "wonderful drive" along the oceanside road, said one frustrated local man who called the decision to remove them "a disgrace".

Fig trees in Redcliffe, Queensland getting cut down by workers.
The iconic fig trees in Redcliffe, Queensland have been chopped down, leaving locals furious. Source: Facebook

"These Moreton Bay Figs are an icon for Redcliffe Parade and without notice, the council or energy company are butchering the tree arbour and our icon," he said on social media this week. "Before we know it there will be nothing left. It’s time to stop this butchering and vandalism!"

Others agreed it's "so sad" to see the "beautiful" trees removed with many wondering why they need to be cut down. "A shame, some idiot thought it was a good idea. They were beautiful," one said. "It's a very poor decision," said another.

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Council responds to backlash over trees

A photo posted in a local Facebook group on Tuesday shows a large stump remaining roadside with its branches already removed. Workers appear to be chopping down the branches that hang over the road, which also appear to interfere with powerlines.

Moreton Bay Council did not confirm the reason why the trees were being removed but told Yahoo News Australia they "will not maintain trees that are growing into powerlines".

Cathedral Fig Walk Prince Edward Parade in Redcliff.
The Cathedral Fig Walk on Prince Edward Parade in Redcliffe is iconic in the area. Source: Jerry Colbey-William

"If further trimming is required once the tree has been trimmed away from the power lines or phone lines, please contact council," a spokesperson said.

Despite being on "council-controlled land," it was implied energy company Energex is responsible for "trimming" the famous fig trees. Yahoo contacted Energex for comment.

Some in the comments suggested there was likely "no choice" and that the trees were trimmed "for safety reasons". But the poster fumed, "surely there is a better way" to tackle the issue.

"They need to put the power lines underground before the trees are completely killed," one said, and many agreed.

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