Residents of Melbourne street will hire private security amid crime gang's reign of terror

Residents in one Melbourne suburb are considering hiring security guards in a desperate attempt to make their streets safe.

It's a desperate move for the people of Derrimut as they live in fear from a crime gang's reign of terror.

A gang of bold and brazen young men armed with golf clubs walk down a street – hours before breaking into one woman's home.

"So the intruders came through this window here, they shattered it by throwing through the brick," said the woman who asked to keep her identify secret.

A gang has been stalking the streets, breaking into several homes. Source: 7 News
Despite the cameras, there crime continues. Source: 7 News

"I was pretty shaken up by the whole incident… my whole family is pretty shaken up about it."

The thieves stole a Volkswagen and the keys to two more cars

The thieves returned on Saturday night, stealing a black Fiat before speeding away.

This VW was stolen in the first strike. Source: 7 News

Police say the Fiat was later used in a petrol drive off.

Residents claim Saturday night's home invasion is the sixth in 12 months and their street is being terrorised by youth gangs.

Thousands of dollars have been spent installing CCTV cameras and roller shutters and many say they are scared of being home alone.

One resident said she and her family have been living in fear. Source: 7 News

"I feel like I'm in a prison in my own home," said Kevin Smith.

"It's getting a little bit more daunting. I don't want to go out at night anymore, my wife and kids certainly don't want to go out."

But it seems the extensive network of cameras on the street is not enough as residents now consider hiring a 24-hour security guard to keep watch over their homes.

The crooks broke through a glass door. Source: 7 News

Jade Meha of Security Guards Melbourne said residents hiring private protection was becoming more common.

"If people need to hire security to feel safe in their own homes then being proactive is the best they can take," she said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.