Handler catches snake in best dressed winning Melbourne Cup outfit

A well-dressed snake catcher didn't let Melbourne Cup festivities stand in the way of relocating a reptile, going to a call-out in her vintage 1950s dress and high heels.

Lisa Harrap had been at the Kalamunda Hotel in Perth following a work luncheon at the Rose and Crown - where she had been named the best-dressed - when she took a call about a dugite at about 5.30pm on Tuesday.

Ms Harrap, from Perth Hills Reptile Removal, took off for the job immediately.

And while she took her gumboots with her, the snake handler said she was "confident" she could catch the serpent in heels.

The snake catcher said she stayed in her heels as she didn't have to traipse through bush to get to the reptile. Source: Perth Hills Reptile Removal

"The dugite was located in somebody's patio area and I didn't have to traipse through bush or anything so didn't take my heels off," Ms Harrap told Yahoo7.

"I'm pretty confident in my heels."

She said one of the residents of the home was "petrified" after the family dog alerted them to an unwelcome guest in the yard.

The snake catcher had won best dressed earlier in the day before she took the call-out. Source: Perth Hills Reptile Removal

The "very feisty" dugite, which measured about 1.6 metres in length, was located behind some plant pots.

But Ms Harrap's first attempt to catch the snake failed and it tried to disappear between some cupboards.

Many have commented on the footage of the catch - one saying how brave she is, but most acknowledging she looks great too.

"Someone even said to me, 'I'm going to have to lift my game at what I can do in high heels," Ms Harrap recalled.

Ms Harrap attended a call-out in her Melbourne Cup attire. Source: Supplied

The snake catcher believes this reptile had been out looking for water on a hot day, slithering into the yard with a pool.

The dugite was relocated to bushland on Tuesday evening.

"It didn't like being in the bag," she said.

"He was very happy to get away."

It's not the first Melbourne Cup day which has ended in a reptile relocation for the snake catcher.

Last year, fittingly, Ms Harrap happened to be in a snake-print dress when she attended the call-out.