Reporter hit in head by skateboard

Journalists often face potential danger in their line of work, but 7News US Bureau Chief Mike Amor certainly did not see this one coming.

He probably never imagined he would be the one injured while reporting at a skate ramp in Los Angeles.

A skater was performing a stunt behind Amor as he was filming his piece to camera at the famed Venice Beach.

The take did not go smoothly when the board slipped out from under the rider's feet, flying through the air and hitting Amor on the head.

It certainly startled the reporter mid-sentence.

"Shook me up for a couple minutes but went on to finish doing the piece to camera," said Amor.

Mike was not seriously hurt during the incident

"You'd be right to be sceptical, thousands of traditional skateboarders..", Amor said before the wayward board struck him in the back of the head.

Mike Amor says he is okay after the incident, which did not draw blood.

See what his story is about tonight in Seven News at 6pm.

Morning news break - November 19