Report: Microsoft plans to update Bing with a faster version of ChatGPT in the coming weeks

Microsoft is working to incorporate a faster version of OpenAI's ChatGPT, known as GPT-4, into Bing in the coming weeks in a move that would make the search engine more competitive with Google, according to a new report from Semafor. The integration would see Bing using GPT-4 to answer search queries.

People familiar with the matter told Semafor that the main difference between ChatGPT and GPT-4 is speed. Although ChatGPT sometimes takes a up to a few minutes to form a response, GPT-4 is said to be a lot quicker in responding to queries. The latest software's responses are also said to be more detailed and more humanlike.

The planned incorporation of ChatGPT into Microsoft products is expected to trigger new competition in internet search, which has largely been dominated by Google. By using GPT-4, Bing would be able to provide users with humanlike answers, as opposed to just simply displaying a list of links.

Microsoft and OpenAI declined to comment.

Semafor reports that OpenAI is also planning to introduce a mobile ChatGPT app in the future. Since there is currently only a web version of ChatGPT, the introduction of a mobile version would allow OpenAI to expand ChatGPT's user base by making the software more accessible. In addition, the report says the company is planning to test a new feature in Dall-E, its popular image-generating software, that would generate videos using AI.

The Information reported last month that Microsoft was rumored to be preparing a ChatGPT integration with Bing search results as well as bringing OpenAI’s language AI technology into apps like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

The report comes as Microsoft extended its partnership with OpenAI last week with a “multi-year, multi-billion-dollar” investment. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also recently told The Wall Street Journal that Microsoft planned to make OpenAI’s foundational systems available as commercial platforms so that any entity in any industry can build on them.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that it planned investments in the deployment of specialized supercomputing systems to accelerate OpenAI’s AI research and integrate OpenAI’s AI systems with its products while “introducing new categories of digital experiences.”

It's worth noting that although Bing's incorporation of GPT-4 would challenge Google's dominance over internet search, the company reportedly said that it won't launch a ChatGPT competitor because it has greater reputational risk than startups like OpenAI. Google executives also reportedly told employees that they don't think chatbots are ready to replace search.