The Repair Shop viewers left disappointed by latest episode

The BBC favourite was a rare disappointment for viewers this week as they had one big complaint.

Jay Blades The Repair Shop
The Repair Shop viewers were left disappointed this week. (BBC)

What did you miss?

The Repair Shop viewers have been sharing their disappointment at this week's episode as they shared a big complaint about the BBC One show.

Viewers usually love the heartwarming show that sees craft experts restore treasured belongings in need of fixing, but in a rare moment they were left frustrated this week.

Although a new series began last week, on Wednesday night fans were disappointed to see a repeat shown instead of a new episode.

What, how and why?

The Repair Shop can usually be relied upon to put viewers in a good mood and avoid any sort of controversy, so it was unusual to see fans of the show disappointed by this week's episode.

BBC's well-loved programme returned for a new series last week, but viewers were frustrated on Wednesday to find that just one episode into the latest run, a repeat was being shown - and it was only half an hour long.

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The Repair Shop fans had been hoping for a new episode. (BBC)

It followed a special one-hour episode of EastEnders where Yolande was the victim of a harrowing attack by Pastor Clayton, but with Race Across The World scheduled for 9pm, there was just a 30-minute time slot for The Repair Shop.

Rather than show a cut-down episode, BBC One opted for a repeat of an old one in the shorter format - but viewers were not impressed.

One viewer remarked on a youthful-looking Jay Blades, writing on X: "How old is this? Jay looks like a boy #therepairshop and where’s the new 1hr episode?"

Fans realised that the episode, which featured an old radio with huge sentimental value and a giant 6ft teddy bear, was actually years old.

One person wrote: "Not for the first time, @BBCOne starts a new series of #RepairShop only to revert to repeats part way through. In this case at episode 2!"

Another person wrote: "Wow, this episode of #TheRepairShop is as old as Gods dog!" while someone else added: "Unfair showing these old episodes that we have all seen before."

Someone else commented: "What’s happened to the new series of @TheRepairShop This is a repeat from 2021 #Therepairshop announced a new series last week @BBCOne?"

Luckily, the new series is scheduled to resume next Wednesday with a one-hour episode at 8pm.

What else has been happening on The Repair Shop?

Last week, fans were pleased to see The Repair Shop return - but complained that they wanted to see "less chat, more fixing".

“Christ, there's a lot of talking in this episode, is this The Talking Shop or The Repair Shop?” one person posted on X. “Can't we just see them fixing things?? That's the most interesting part.”

“The Repair Shop has turned into a talking shop,” quipped someone else. Another viewer posted: “It is nice to hear some of the history of the items, but bloody hell they do string it out. We want to watch the experts do their thing!”

“Less chat, more fixing please!” said another fan. Somebody else moaned: “10 minutes in and no work done yet.”

The Repair Shop airs on BBC One on Wednesdays.

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