Rental crisis: Outrage over home's 'ridiculous' list of exclusions

The 'charming' three-bedroom home in Adelaide is up for lease for $620 per week – but there are a few notable 'exclusions'.

Renters are aghast after spotting an available property’s list of “exclusions”, including two of the stove’s cooktop burners and heating in the living room.

The “charming” three-bedroom Adelaide home with “character” is up for lease for $620 per week and features an open plan kitchen, dining and living room with access to the backyard, two bathrooms, a covered outdoor entertaining area and big storage shed.

However, the rental also has a series of less than admiral traits, which are listed as “exclusions” in its description on Despite being close to all amenities including shopping centres and schools, the home has two non-working stove elements, no exhaust fan above the stove, a manual roller door, and no heating in the living room or split air conditioning in one of the bedrooms.

The Adelaide rental home's kitchen showing the stove.
The Adelaide rental home has only two working stove cooktop burners and no working fan above. Source:

Aussies criticise rental home's deficiencies

Given the cost-of-living and rental crisis facing the country, many potential tenants were quick to criticise the rental for “not offering the bare minimum”.

“Interesting house exclusions on a property for rent in Adelaide… good luck during the extreme temps with no heating or cooling,” a Reddit user posted with a photo of the home’s listing. “And wtf with the no exhaust fan above the stove.”

“That’s disgusting. Fix your bloody house before putting it up for rent,” another person commented, while someone else said the description was an “interesting way of saying ‘we’re not going to fix anything ever’”.

“Our minimum standards are from the dark ages along with our rental protections,” an Adelaide local chimed in. “What they have done is perfectly ok in South Australia.”

The property's list of features and exclusions.
Some described the list of exclusions as 'ridiculous'. Source:

Minimum rental house standards in SA

RentRight SA — a free housing advice and advocacy service — declined to comment on the listing to Yahoo News Australia, instead pointing to the Australian Housing Standards by the SA Housing Safety Authority.

To meet the minimum standards — according to the SA Government — a rental home must have a continuous supply of electricity, with each gas or electrical installation compliant with the law and maintained “so not to present a fire hazard”.

Properties should also be free of materials like asbestos that is harmful to residents, free of mould or moisture, have effective drainage and effective structural support.

When it comes to the minimum requirements specifically for a kitchen, a rental must have a kitchen sink, an oven and cooktop, adequate bench space and a food storage or cupboard on a ratio of 1:10 residents. A kitchen must also have drinkable water from the sink, have a capable drainage system and at least one electric light fixture and be adequately ventilated.

Yahoo News Australia contacted the home’s real estate agent for comment.

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