Remembering Europe's worst jihadist attack 20 years on

Remembering Europe's worst jihadist attack 20 years on

On March 11, 2004, a series of explosions shook commuter trains as they entered the Atocha station in Madrid, leaving 191 dead and 1,800 injured, in what is still the largest jihadist attack perpetrated on European soil.

Twenty years later, the scars of that day are still alive in the memory of the victims and of all of Spanish society.

"It is a day that will never be erased from my memory. I could tell minute by minute what happened that day. And the final summary is that my brother was murdered on the Santa Eugenia train," says Alejandro Benito.

The 11-M attacks in Madrid caused a significant change in the European anti-terrorist response. We spoke with Professor Luis de la Corte Ibáñez, an expert in national and international security at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

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