Relative Wants Answers After 3 Found Frozen to Death in Yard

Dave Kaup/Reuters
Dave Kaup/Reuters

Friends and family of three men found dead in a Kansas City backyard have yet to receive answers from authorities about how their loved ones died. The bodies of the three men, identified as Clayton McGeeney, Ricky Johnson, and David Harrington, were found frozen on Jan. 9 around the porch and yard of the house in Kansas City’s Northland area. McGeeney’s cousin, Alan McGeeney, spoke on the strangeness of the case and the lack of information on it. “I’m not looking for anyone’s head or anything, but my cousin was frozen to the dirt for two days,” he told KCTV. “It’s gotten a lot of attention from everyone having questions, but not a lot of attention from anyone having any action.” McGeeney and other relatives and friends are still waiting for the medical examiner’s ruling. Local police have since ruled out foul play and said there was no one in custody related to the case.

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