Teenage 'rape victim' takes own life after bullying ordeal

A teenage girl's two-year ordeal, in which photos of an alleged sexual assault were shared amongst classmates, has come to a tragic end after she was found hanged in her bathroom.

Rehtaeh Parsons, 17, from Halifax Nova Scotia in Canada, was allegedly assaulted by four classmates when she was just 15-years-old.

She attempted to take her own life last week after photos were allegedly distributed around her school.

Rehtaeh's family made the heart-wrenching decision to turn off her life support on Sunday, after she slipped into a coma.

Rehtaeh's mother has set up a Facebook page dedicated to her daughter, revealing graphic details of her ordeal.

"This page is dedication [sic] to my wonderful Daughter who was smart, beautiful, and full of life with a deep compassion to animals", the page says. "The Person Rehtaeh once was all changed one dreaded night in November 2011."

The page goes on to detail the alleged rape, and public shaming of Retaeh, saying she became suicidal, took up drugs and was shunned by her friends and classmates.

"One of those boys took a photo of her being raped and decided it would be fun to distribute the photo to everyone in Rehtaeh's school and community where it quickly went viral”, Retaeh's mother claims.

"Rehtaeh was suddenly shunned by almost everyone she knew, the harassment was so bad she had to move out of her own community to try to start anew in Halifax."

Rehteah's mother says she had a love of animals, Photo: Facebook
Rehteah's mother says she had a love of animals, Photo: Facebook

"Rehtaeh is gone today because of The four boys that thought that raping a 15yr old girl was OK and to distribute a photo to ruin her spirit and reputation would be fun."

"Secondly, All the bullying and messaging and harassment that never let up are also to blame. Lastly, the justice system failed her."

Those are the people that took the life of my beautiful girl. Rehtaeh stood up for others, showed compassion to animals and people. She was an amazing artist .She made my life complete."

"When Rehtaeh was born I dedicated everything to her and promised her the world. Others in this world took that away from her."

Local media reports of Reteah's tragedy have gone viral online, as outrage grows over the way she was treated.

Local newspaper The Chronicle Herald says Reteah was sent vicious text messages, calling her a 'slut', and asking her for sexual favours.

The story is gaining attention worldwide, with many wondering who is responsible for the culture that allowed Rita to fall victim to such bullying.

Twitter users have voiced their outrage, describing the story as heartbreaking, and asking which authorities failed to save her.

An online organisation associated with hacking group Anonymous says it is trying to find and publish the details of the alleged rapists.

An investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police into Rehtaeh's death is ongoing.

If you are concerned about the mental health of yourself or a loved one, seek support and information by calling Lifeline 13 11 14, Mensline 1300 789 978, or Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

Rehteah as a baby, Photo: Facebook
Rehteah as a baby, Photo: Facebook