Reduce red meat intake dramatically: WHO

The whole future of Aussie barbies has come into question with the news the World Health Organisation is set to issue a report on serious health issues with red meat.

The word’s most influential health organization will soon tell us to cut our consumption drastically.

We are a nation of meat lovers and consume a whopping one hundred and eleven kilograms of red meat each, every year.

Currently, only five hundred grams of red meat a week is considered healthy. That is two to three steaks a week, but next month the WHO is expected to announce that we should be cutting back to just 40 grams a day - about 300 a week.

Professor Sanchia Aranda, the CEO of the national Cancer Council is backing the move.

“Red meat is a big part of our cultural heritage - but it's important Australians also understand the relationship between red meat and cancer risk.”

The review comes after mounting concern that red meat is a cause of a worldwide spike in bowel cancer, which takes the lives of 4000 Australians each year.

Is this the end for the traditional Aussie bbq. Photo: 7 News

“People who consume higher quantities of red meat, and particularly processed red meat, have a greater incidence of bowel cancer, Prof Aranda explains.

It is not just beef we are being advised to cut back on, with lamb, pork, and veal also on the chopping block; as are processed meats such as sausages, salami, bacon and ham.

Butchery owner Anthony Puharich said the news could scare people into cutting back their meat consumption.

“Meat is important is every healthy diet - it's about quality over quantity,” he said.

This won't be the end of the great Aussie bbq anytime soon, especially as red meat provides nutrients such as iron, zinc, protein and vitamin B12. But try not to burn or char it because that can produce cancer-causing toxins.