Red Eye fans are questioning ITV thriller's plausibility after second episode

That's some easygoing police chief right there.

Red Eye (ITV)
Red Eye airs Sundays on ITV. (ITV)

ITV thriller Red Eye continued to split audiences with its second episode tonight (28 April), as multiple social media users questioned its plausibility.

Following on from last weekend's opener, which had everybody fearing for a poor airborne dog, the makers did the dirty on us and killed it off in the first 15 minutes with poisoned food. Despite this getting a lot of attention online, it was the indifferent behaviour of the flight pilot and a police captain's naivety that seemed to stun watchers the most.

Red Eye (ITV)
Jess Li, played by Jemma Moore. (ITV)

With the extradited Dr. Matthew Nolan (played by Richard Armitage) now just nine hours from landing back in Beijing, his in-flight supervisor DC Hana Li's (Jing Lusi) younger sister and burgeoning reporter Jess (Jemma Moore) paid a visit to high-ranking policeman Simon who's tied to the case.

Happy to reveal certain bits of information to her on the promise that she wouldn't name him in any articles, he was then suddenly called away from his desk by a colleague, leaving an unlocked computer right there for the plucky Jess to sift through before making a quick getaway.

Moreover, the Chinese flight's main pilot also seemed so unbothered by the three deaths onboard his aircraft, effectively giving away his villainous nature to anyone who had their eyes and ears switched on.

Red Eye (ITV)
The show's plausibility came into question on social media. (ITV)

With these two logical holes in plain sight for viewers, they were quick to point out Red Eye's flaws on social media.

Some portions of the viewership were even offering Airplane! comparisons - the 1980 cult comedy starring Leslie Nielsen.

Red Eye continues next Sunday (5 May) at 9pm on ITV, while the entire series is now available to stream on ITVX.