Rebel Wilson 'feels bad' over weight gain

Rebel Wilson has gained weight credit:Bang Showbiz
Rebel Wilson has gained weight credit:Bang Showbiz

Rebel Wilson "feels bad" after gaining 30lbs.

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress shed a huge 77lbs during her "Year of Health" in 2020 but has admitted "stress" has caused her to lose focus on the "lifestyle" she had previously adopted.

Sharing a brief clip of herself sitting in a jacuzzi, she wrote on Instagram: "Working really hard has meant that, coz of all the stress, I’ve gained 14kg’s (30 pounds)! It makes me feel bad about myself…it shouldn’t…but it does.

"I’m really proud of the work I’ve been doing on new movies and my memoir, it’s just been a LOT and I’ve lost focus on my healthy lifestyle.

"Anyone else going through the same thing?"

The 43-year-old actress previously admitted she and fiancee Ramona Agruma had both gained weight while adjusting to their new schedule after welcoming daughter Royce into the world via surrogate in November 2022.

She told MailOnline: “I did gain weight once I had my baby because although I didn’t give birth to her and I didn’t need to lose any baby weight I had just gained weight from the lack of sleep and from the change in my lifestyle.

“For instance now I can’t go to the gym as often as I used to I’m just not working out as much so that has slowed me down.

“Ramona also gained weight once we got her daughter but she lost it really fast I’m kind of jealous because I have not been able to lose the weight as fast.”

And Rebel admitted she has always struggled with emotional eating.

She said: "That is my thing.

"Sometimes it’s hard for me because I’m an emotional eater that is my issue I eat when my emotions run high. I still struggle with that and I still work with that all the time it’s just a process, it’s a journey...

"My cheat food is ice cream - I really do love ice cream, and my favourite is Ben + Jerry’s, it always has been, it’s great quality and it’s so satisfying.

"When I wasn’t watching my weight I would sit down and eat a pint of Ben + Jerry’s sometimes, it’s just what I did- it was a habit - but now I’m much more careful I will have like a third of a pint and I’ll eat it slowly I won’t eat the whole pint at all that’s in my past."