Rebel Wilson admits she used Ozempic to help her lose weight

Rebel Wilson has admitted she took Ozempic to help her lose weight.

The ‘Bridesmaids’ actress, 44, shed around 80lbs when she overhauled her lifestyle 2020, and has now said she turned to the celebrity-favourite diabetes medication two years later to maintain “focus” while maintaining her exercise regime.

She told ‘The Diary of a CEO’ podcast: “I wish I had known about it in 2020. If I had known about it, I would have tried it, 100%.

“(It was) more for when I had lost like, 35 kilos, I was like, ‘I can’t continue working out and having this level of focus’.

“And I was very worried that the weight would come back on.”

Rebel stressed she is no longer taking Ozempic injections, but would think about getting back on it as it helped stop her cravings for sweets and blocked her from eating when she felt stressed.

She added: “Now I have gained back 10 kilos, I guess because of having a baby and I just can’t work out to the level that I used to.

“And so I tried it for a few months for weight management, I guess you could call it.

“I had an unlimited ability to eat sweets and chocolates and ice cream and stuff and that drug helped for me to feel full whereas, I would not feel like that before. I could eat a tonne.”

Rebel had her daughter Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson with fiancée Ramona Agruma, 40, via surrogate in 2022.

She has claimed in the past previously claimed to have achieved her weight loss purely through workouts with a trainer and by adding protein to, and cutting sugar from, her diet.

Despite some horror stories about the side-effects of Ozempic, including severe nausea, Rebel added: “I actually liked it. I think for people like me those drugs can be really effective, but obviously I’m not on it right now.

“But maybe if I was prescribed by a doctor I would go back on it.”