Reba McEntire will sing the theme to Happy's Place

Reba McEntire plans to sing the theme song for her new sitcom.

The 69-year-old singer's 'Happy's Place' sitcom has already been picked up by NBC and Reba has confirmed that she'll be singing the show's theme song.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Reba shared: "I'll be singing the theme song.

"We've started working on it, and we'll have it soon finished.

"If they say it's a go, I'll finish it up and have it ready for when we go to series."

Reba has also confirmed that Rex Linn, her boyfriend, will be a part of the sitcom.

The country music star explained: "Rex Linn, my boyfriend, is also part of the show. We've got a great ensemble with same producers, showrunner and writers as we had with the Reba show, and it's a great script.

"My [character Bobbie's] dad was Happy, that was his name, and we owned a tavern called Happy's Place. Well, Happy passed, and so he's passed the tavern onto me, but there's a little hiccup involved, so that's the mystery right there. Everybody has to tune in and watch it, and I hope they love it."

Reba sang the US national anthem before the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Prior to the game, Reba revealed that she'd been singing "in the shower" as part of her preparations.

She told Apple Music: "I’ve been singing the National Anthem in the shower [and] when we get in the car."

Reba was thrilled to be given the chance to sing at the sporting event.

She said: "I get to sing a very special song for all Americans, people all around the world, who have really worked so hard for our freedom and to give us peace.

"It’s not about me - I’m the representation of this song, and I’m just honoured to get to sing it. It’s a good one.

"I’ve been doing it for 50 years, and I’m really proud to get to sing it."