Reba McEntire and Rex Linn 'love working together'

Reba McEntire has loved working with Rex Linn on her new sitcom.

The 69-year-old singer is set to star alongside her 67-year-old boyfriend in her 'Happy's Place' sitcom - which has already been picked up by NBC - and Reba has revealed that she's relished the experience so far.

Reba told 'Extra': "We’ve gotten to do two other projects together, ABC ‘Big Sky’ and then Lifetime ‘The Hammer' movie. We love working together.

"What’s really the best part about it, he’s my coach, so when we’re home, he’s helping me with my lines and to memorise. He's wonderful, helps me a lot."

Reba is also set to star alongside Melissa Peterman - her long-time friend - in 'Happy Place'.

The country music singer has loved working with the 52-year-old actress, too.

Reba said: "I love to do sitcoms. They’re so much fun and with Melissa, we have a blast wherever we are, but in front of those four cameras, it’s a lot of mischief happening."

Earlier this month, Reba revealed that she plans to sing the theme song for her new sitcom.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Reba shared: "I'll be singing the theme song.

"We've started working on it, and we'll have it soon finished.

"If they say it's a go, I'll finish it up and have it ready for when we go to series."

Reba also teased some details about her on-screen character.

She explained: "My [character Bobbie's] dad was Happy, that was his name, and we owned a tavern called Happy's Place. Well, Happy passed, and so he's passed the tavern onto me, but there's a little hiccup involved, so that's the mystery right there.

"Everybody has to tune in and watch it, and I hope they love it."