Real or fake: Weird and wonderful viral videos

This spider in the ear video, which has gone viral, is the latest one to be revealed as a fake. Photo: Youtube

The internet is full of weird and wonderful videos and images which often leave the viewer wondering whether they were real or fake.

The latest viral sensation to turn out to be totally fake was the disgusting and shocking video of a spider living inside a man's ear.

Creator Bruce Banit confessed on his blog that he used special effects to make the horrifying video.

Let's be honest, he had everyone going with his convincing masterpiece.

Mr Banit claimed he felt like something was in his ear after he went for a swim at the Lake of Ozarks, a large reservoir in central Missouri in the US.

He described feeling a ‘super painful ear infection’ and a ‘totally blocked ear canal’ after going for the dip.

When he filmed the inside his ear on his phone, he found something truly horrifying, or so we all thought at first.

Mr Banit’s prank is not the first viral video that viewers have questioned the authenticity of.

Many people thought a dramatic video of a homeowner running out his house and shooting a drone out of the sky was a set up.

The shadows of the man in the clip Larry Breaux appear to be out of sync with one another.

Breaux's friend filmed the event on mobile phone while he chased after the flying gadget with a shotgun and brought it down with one shot.

Many people came forward saying it was a fake but Mr Breaux insisted it was real, it is still not clear what the truth is.

A video that initially appears to show a great white shark in the waters just off Manly has gone viral, but not all is as it appears.

Another video that had people wondering for a long time, was a sought-after photograph of the CSS Georgia, a Civil War battleship.

John Potter, from North Carolina, revealed to The Associated Press that he did the 30-year-old hoax as teenager.

Former Jackson Memorial High School star Anthony Rocco smashed this towering home run off the light pole, but we want to know do you think this is real or fake? We are not so sure it for real.

Some of the most talked about videos which are debated as being real or fake are UFO videos.

We suggest you check out the following videos of some bizarre UFO encounters.

An airline passenger recently captured footage of strange UFO orbs over Atlanta, Georgia, USA, what do you think?

An apparent triangular UFO was caught on camera over York, England. What do you think it could possibly be? Something real, or was editing work involved?

A passenger aboard a commercial airliner recorded footage of an apparent unidentified flying object over Iran. Have you ever witnessed any strange sights from the window of an aircraft?