Real or fake? Sliding 'poltergeist' caught on video running amock in store

A playful 'poltergeist' caught on video is frightening the workers of a co-op store in the UK so much that it's closing it's doors early on Halloween, according to reports. But is it all just a PR stunt?

Video of a dark, shadowy figure sliding along one of the walls of supermarket was released on YouTube showing the suspected ghost's antics.

In one scene, a stack of wheelable baskets rolls from it's corner without aid, while an apple and banana bunch flies suddenly from its shelf.

The video shows the ghostly figure sliding darkly along the side of one of the walls of the store. Photo: Youtube/Leanne Wilkinson

An emergency door rattles violently in another spooky act caught on camera.

The manager is closing the store 90 minutes earlier than its usual 11pm closing time to "avoid members of staff becoming distressed", according to reports.

"Staff have regularly complained of an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere and a number of ‘unexplained’ occurrences such as noises and the feeling of being watched and followed," manager Leanne Williamson said.

Fruit flies off the self in the spooky video. Photo: Youtube/Leanne Wilkinson

"I don’t believe in that sort of thing but I do believe in what I can see and there is no other way to explain it."

But it is all a stunt for some publicity leading up to Halloween?

Even the Derbyshire store's regional manager seems convinced.

"The store's built on a set of old cellars - very dim and dusty down there," Chris Armstrong said.

A stack of baskets rolls unattended as mysterious events happen in the store. Photo: Youtube/Leanne Wilkinson

"Lots of the windows have still got iron bars on them.

"Unexplained stock movements are happening, doors rattle in their frames when there's nobody anywhere near them.

It's not the first time ghostly video has raised both goosebumps and suspicious eyebrows across online audiences.

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