Real estate agent defends X-rated ad in affluent Aussie suburb

Real estate agent Abdul Moussalli has used a similar sign before and was confused why residents were angered by it.

A business sign recently erected in an affluent suburb is turning heads and it's fair to say not everyone approves of the tactic being used to capture people's attention. However, the real estate agent behind the sign believes people must be "insane" to take it the wrong way.

"Thousands" of motorists pass the 220 metre square corner plot in Neutral Bay, Sydney on the way to and from the city where real estate agent Abdul Moussalli from Prosel hung up a sign advertising the land for rent.

The words 'rent by the day to promote your business' appears over the image of a man flashing open his overcoat, visible only from behind. The words 'expose yourself' are bolded and typed in red font.

The X-rated sign reads 'expose yourself' with an image of a man flashing open his overcoat, visible only from behind.
The X-rated sign turned heads along the busy road in Neutral Bay, Sydney. Source: Facebook

Drivers mixed response to sign

After spotting the sign a local resident reported it to North Sydney council, branding it inappropriate and claiming it breaches advertising guidelines.

"It's not funny, I truly wish it was," she wrote online. "Flashing is an indicator for further and more serious sexual offences".

However, others called the sign "hilarious" while pointing out that it had the desired effect — to capture people's attention. "It probably helped him [the real estate agent] if anything," one said.

Since the sign on the prominent Falcon St lot was spotted several weeks ago a handmade sign has been erected beside it reading, 'Home is where you take your pants off'. The resident who reported the real estate agent's sign called it "Banksy esk" and admitted she found the humour in it.

North Sydney council confirmed to Yahoo News it has been contacted regarding the signs.

"Council is aware of the signs and is in contact with relevant community members to assist with a resolution," a spokesperson said.

Real estate agent 'doesn't see any harm' in the sign

Moussalli confirmed to Yahoo News it isn't the first time he's used a similar sign for advertising purposes and was shocked locals in Neutral Bay have had an issue with it.

"I don't see any harm in that sign whatsoever," he told Yahoo News. "It's in a great location... it's basically exposing your business there. If people take it the wrong way then I can't help that."

He likened his approach to that of comedians, claiming they say "worse things" and have a much wider audience compared to the number of people seeing the sign. Therefore, he doesn't understand how there's an issue with "my little sign".

"If it's taken that the wrong way that's their prerogative," he said, confirming many people have enquired about the land for rent.

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