Rattlesnake devours whole quail

Melissa Hills

This quail was in the wrong place at the wrong time and fell victim to this rather hungry rattlesnake.

Kurt Papke, who shot the this graphic video, said it is not just birds that fall victim to snakes, squirrels and other small animals as well at this well known bird feeder.

A braver species than one might assume, Kurt also reported that quail usually refuse to be intimidated by the snakes.

The snake starting its big meal. Photo: YouTube/ Kurt Papke
The unbelievable video from another angle. Photo: YouTube/ Kurt Papke
The snake devours the bird in one bite. Photo: YouTube/ Kurt Papke

Instead of flying off, they tend to dance around them.

For this poor quail, flight would have been the safer option.

The video shows minute by minute how the rattlesnake ingested the quail in one go.

Snakes really are amazing creatures who love being caught on video.

A bizarre video has emerged from China of a patterned snake eating and swallowing a black snake during a ten-minute battle.

A local resident happened to capture the fight on camera in Sichuan Province on Monday.

According to local news, the victorious snake was slightly shorter than the 1.5m victim, but more violent, neither of them are toxic species.

With the warmer weather here, vets have warned us to be vigilant of snakes around our pets.

The Hume Animal Hospital has treated 13 dogs and cats for snake bites on the Border in the past fortnight alone.

This is just too scary for words. Don’t ask us why Michael J. Delaney was filming a den of rattlesnakes, but he was, and it was a close call.

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