Rai Fazio's class action

Rai Fazio in his new Perth gym. Picture: Iain Gillespie/ The West Australian

Stepping into the new gym of boxing champion and filmmaker *Rai Fazio *is almost like walking on to a movie set.

Formerly a derelict old building on *Queen Street * in the *Perth CBD *, the space has been restored to its original glory by the *Northbridge * identity and transformed into an early 1900s- inspired gymnasium complete with vintage three-tier rope ring, old-school lockers and antique furniture.

But upstairs it is all about the latest in fitness technology.

Fazio has combined his acclaimed invention, the BoxMaster simulation machine, with spin bikes in a world- first Box and Bike group concept.

Customers spend the 45-minute class alternating between cycling and boxing for a full-body workout, and Fazio said it is already taking off as the newest craze in fitness.

"I sort of knew what the outcome would be because I have owned boxing gyms and I have watched my father train people," the Golden Gloves champion told _AAA _. "I know the high that people get out of a boxing class, and spinning speaks for itself. We have 70-year-olds in the class and then we have boys from the Eagles sitting next to them going at 100km/h. There is a great mix of people here and it's very user-friendly."

After releasing autobiographical drama Two Fists One Heart in 2008, Fazio turned his focus away from filmmaking to develop the BoxMaster, which is a standalone piece of equipment that simulates the flow of a boxing match.

It is now used around the world by organisations such as the US military and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Fazio even trained *Hugh Jackman *on the machine in preparation for filming The Wolverine.

"One of my original partners was connected to Hugh," Fazio explained. "When he was doing Wolverine they asked me if I could go over and train him for a few days. He is a great guy and really fit but even he was gassed out. He loved it."

Fazio plans to take Box and Bike to a national level but he has not forgotten about film altogether, even hinting his meticulously styled gym could provide the perfect backdrop.

"Once I get this franchised then I will go back and do some film. This would be a great place to base something out of," he said with a smile.


'When (Jackman) was doing Wolverine they asked me if I could train him for a few days.'

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