'Gotta catch & deport 'em all': Anti-Muslim and immigrant Pokémon-like cards emerge around Sydney

A white nationalist group have been ridiculed after plastering a series of anti-Muslim posters around inner Sydney, calling for the deportation of Waleed Aly, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Asians and the Apex gang.

One of five 'grossly disturbing' posters calls a member of the Australian Senate a “traitor”, calling for her to be lynched.

Designed to resemble Pokémon cards, the posters bastardise the popular children’s game’s catchphrase to say: “Gotta catch & deport em all”.

The posters taking aim at prominent members of Australia’s Muslim community, labelled Abdel-Magied a “stats-Nuisance feminist”, “self confessed ‘most hated Muslim in Australia’” and a “big-mouthed Australiaphobe”.

The posters described TV host Waleed Aly as ‘charming yet insidious’. Size=O

After announcing she would be leaving Australia for London last week, a “self exiled” update was printed across Abdel-Magied’s card.

Another poster of TV host Waleed Aly was placed around the city, describing him as “charming yet insidious”.

The most aggressive recommendation was reserved for Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, with calls to lynch the “traitor”.

“Abilities – to destroy Australia by promoting self hatred and open borders,” the South Australian Senator’s card states.

The disturbing posters were first around Petersham in Sydney's inner west.

First spotted in Petersham, in Sydney's inner west, further racist posters depict a wealthy Chinese businessman and knife-wielding “Apexmon” who are supported by “welfare and proceeds of crime”.

White-pride group Aussie Nationalists took credit for the hate-filled posters, encouraging Sydney residents to “spread the love in your area”.

The posters have since been torn down literally and metaphorically by outraged Sydney locals.

“How could anyone defend these posters or down-vote anyone who calls them disgusting? They are calling in one case for someone to be hunted down and hung. Any decent person should be horrified,” One 7 News reader wrote.

Further racist posters depicted a wealthy Chinese businessman and knife-wielding ‘Apexmon’ who are supported by ‘welfare and proceeds of crime’.

“What is wrong with the world, seriously. I am disgusted that my daughter is growing up in a world filled with so much hatred,” another added.

"Some people have too much time on their hands and apparently ink in their printers."

Others suggested those responsible should face the punishment they recommended on their homemade posters.

“Is there somewhere I can deport THEM to seeing as they don't seem to like it here in Australia?” one furious woman commented.

“Disgusting...catch them and make posters with their faces on it with a warning attached as well... some really sick people in this world and they actually think it is funny or justified... brain dead Islamophobes.”