Race Across the World fans astounded at Isabel calling Eugenie 'very old'

The BBC One travel series' mum and daughter were arguing again - but viewers couldn't believe Isabel's definition of elderly.

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Viewers were shocked to hear Isabel describe Eugenie as 'very old'. (BBC)

Race Across the World viewers have been expressing their outrage at Isabel describing her 61-year-old mum Eugenie as "very old".

The pair have been bickering constantly throughout their time on the BBC show, but when 25-year-old Isabel tried to show some leniency towards her mum, she ended up angering viewers.

Meanwhile, Viv spoke about her stroke in moving scenes and Alfie and Owen made up their huge time lag from the last leg, finishing in a close third place.

Isabel and Eugenie have barely stopped arguing during their time on Race Across the World, but when Isabel made an effort to understand her mum's point of view better in this week's episode it backfired spectacularly in the eyes of viewers.

After yet another row about who had been putting in more effort, Isabel relented a little and said that now that 61-year-old Eugenie was getting "very old" she had to be more understanding of what she was capable of.

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Isabel and Eugenie have bickered a lot on the show. (BBC)

But viewers were outraged, as one person commented on X: "Isabel wow your mum is what 61, #raceacrosstheworld. How rude," and someone else added: ""She's getting really old" - she's only 60, hush child."

Others agreed that Isabel, 25, had misjudged her definition of elderly as one person wrote: "I'm not sure Eugenie is 'Very Old'." Someone else added: "Very old? She's 61 not 81!!"

"Eugenie thinks her mum is ‘getting very old’. Mine is 89 and neither of us think she is ‘very old’," wrote one viewer. While someone else added: "Isobel should know age is just a number. 60 is not "Old"."

Later, Isabel asked Eugenie about activities that she used to enjoy and said: "It was quite interesting to hear she was more adventurous when she was younger."

Viewers were surprised to find themselves getting emotional over a touching moment between Stephen and Viv as they opened up on their past health struggles.

Some viewers have found Stephen's attitude to people he has met in the race abrasive, but his love for Viv shone through as she spoke about having suffered a stroke the last time she had been diving from a boat on holiday.

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Stephen and Viv shared an emotional moment. (BBC)

It was an emotional moment for her to see pink dolphins in Thailand after a tough recovery from her stroke and Stephen broke down in tears as he told her: "Two things we wanted out of the race, you wanted me to have an adventure and I wanted you to see how strong you are."

One viewer commented: "Did not have Stephen and Viv making me cry on my bingo card!" Someone else added: "Viv getting emotional over dolphins was emotional to witness. The fact she went through all that and is still standing goes to show how braxve and how strong she is."

Another viewer wrote: "Some irritations aside, I've actually found myself growing quite fond of Stephen and Viv." Someone else agreed: "Viv & Stephen being lovely together again this episode. Obviously much love for each other."

Race Across the World airs on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesdays.