Unexpected twist after woman’s emotional reunion with 'birth parents'

After years of searching for her biological parents, a Queensland woman has finally tracked down her family on the opposite side of the world – but the reunion has only left the mother-of-four with more questions than answers.

Abigail Prangs, 36, was found dumped outside a hospital on the outskirts of Zimbabwe as a newborn baby in 1983.

At two months old, she was adopted by Sunshine Coast couple Kathy and Mike Prangs and began a new life in Australia.

But she never stopped wondering about her birth parents, and embarked on a tedious and emotionally-draining search to find her biological family.

An investigation by Sunday Night True Stories helped to track down Ms Prangs’ parents, believed to be Edna and Stanford Kamonere from Harare in Zimbabwe.

Abigail Prang is reunited with her biological family in Zimbabwe. Source: Sunday Night/Seven Network

The tearful reunion was caught on camera, with Ms Prangs embracing her parents in front of a cheering crowd.

“I will never ever forget this moment. Ever,” Ms Prang said after the celebration.

“The love and laughter and happiness that they showed ­– obviously I don’t know the language or anything but I feel at home.”

Mrs Kamonere said she gave birth to twin babies in 1983, and was told by a midwife that one of the babies had not survived.

It was assumed the midwife who took the baby’s ‘body’ had in fact taken Ms Prang away from her family.

But just days after he emotional reunion, Ms Prangs heard about a confusing twist to the story.

Further DNA tests revealed that Mrs Kamonere was not her biological mother, but more likely her aunt.

Mrs Kamonere said she was devastated and confused by the news.

“I had always wanted that family, and I thought that I had found them. So how does that work?”

Ms Prang believes one of Mrs Kamonere’s sisters, Elizabeth, could be her biological mother and confronted her, begging her to tell her the truth.

Ms Prang was left in tears after discovering that the woman she thought was her mother was in fact her aunt. Source: Sunday Night/Seven Network

Elizabeth would have been just 14 years old at the time of Ms Prang’s birth.

But during the uncomfortable conversation, a ute suddenly pulled up and whisked Elizabeth away, leaving Ms Prang no closer to the truth. She confronted Elizabeth again who refused to have a DNA test.

While she still is uncertain who exactly her mother is, Ms Prang’s DNA testing has proven Edna Kamonere’s daughter, Lorraine, is her first cousin, cementing the Kamoneres as her biological family.

“I've had such a connection with them that they are family, that will never change, that relationship won't change,” Ms Prang said.

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