WATCH: Men risk lives for selfie at edge of gushing 110m Queensland waterfall

Two men have been filmed risking their lives at the top of a 105-metre waterfall in Queensland so they could get some great photos.

Footage taken at the Purling Brook Falls on Sunday shows two people who climbed over to the top of the waterfall in the world-heritage listed Gondwana Rainforest only days after record rainfalls battered the state's southeast.

The people appear so slight and insignificant against the waterfall that drops down unseen into the gully below, you can barely see them.

One of the risk-takers sits perched on a rock with the 105-metre drop below, while his friend stands a few metres away taking photos.

Two men were seen taking snaps at the top of the Purling Brook Falls in Queensland. Source: 7 News

The Gold Coast man who captured the footage taken near Springbrook told 7 News Online there were dozens of people looking on as the two men scrambled across the rocks.

"When he went to sit down on the rock, he actually slipped," said the man who asked not to be named.

"His hand fell down beneath him and he fell on his bum."

The waterfall measures 105 metres. Source: Wikipedia

At that point many people averted their gaze, convinced they were about to witness one of the foolish risk-takers plummet off the waterfall.

"There wasn't anyone standing that wasn't convinced he wasn't going to fall.

"Everyone was looking away."

Many people have taken a risk at the waterfall to take a photo. Source: Instagram

The park-goer said he was certain neither man fell.

He later discovered that no one was supposed to be in the national parks to begin with as they were closed to the public following recent storms.

He added there were dozens of families and explorers in the bushland, seemingly unaware they were trespassing due to inadequate signage.

The national park is was supposed to be closed. Source: Google Maps

A spokesperson for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service said people who took dangerous risks for selfies a fine or, at worst, death.

"Don’t risk your safety for the sake of a photo. It could be your last selfie," the spokesperson said.

"Springbrook has plenty of lookouts where you can enjoy views of the falls without risking your life.

"Rangers hand out $365 infringement notices to people who go into restricted access areas.

"We use signage, education, and enforcement patrols to reduce the numbers of visitors placing themselves
at risk."

The spokesperson confirmed that part of the park was closed following damage caused by Cyclone Debbie.

The top of the waterfall is a a popular spot for tourists to take danger snaps to share on social media.

Since the video was shared online reaction has been dominated by people calling the snappers out for their stupidity and poor judgement.