'Incredible' road rule question about cyclists triggers debate

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

Everyone knows red means stop, but it appears there is some confusion about what the yellow traffic light means.

The Queensland transport department quizzed road users on social media, sharing a graphic of a cyclist approaching a yellow light at an intersection.

The quiz triggered debate about what the rider was required to do next.

Does the cyclist need to stop? Source: Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland) / Facebook

“You know your road rules, and now’s your chance to prove it,” read the post on the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Facebook page on Monday.

“The bike rider is approaching a yellow light. Does the rider need to stop?” the department asked.

The scenario sent the internet into a spin, leaving many confused wondering if the road rules were different for motorists, bicycle riders, and motorcyclists.

“Nah still a tinge of green in that yellow light, not quite fully yellow yet,” one user joked.

Another disagreed, saying: “Orange always means slow down and STOP....on anything Australia wide.”

“No, if he was doing 50 when the light changed to orange then at that distance he wouldn't be able to stop safely,” a third argued.

“Yes of course, it’s incredible the question even needs to be asked,” another said.

Regardless if you are a bike rider or motorist, you must stop on a yellow light unless it is unsafe to do so. Source: Getty, file

The road authority confirmed later on Monday the bike rider was obligated to stop unless it was unsafe to do so.

“The yellow light is not the end of the green light phase, it's the beginning of the red light phase.

“If it's safe to stop, you must not ride past the stop line at the yellow traffic light,” it wrote.

More information on yellow traffic light rules is available on the Queensland Transport website.

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