'Am I in trouble?' Heartwarming turn after police show up at children's game of street cricket

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

Police have been praised after joining in on a game of street cricket with children.

Two kids had pulled a rubbish bin into the middle of the street in Woorabinda, southwest of Rockhampton, in Queensland, but panicked and dragged it back to the kerb when they saw a Queensland Police car approach.

One of the boys’ mum, Sharrone Booth, said her son, Jayce, had initially worried police were going to tell him and his friend off, according to a Facebook post she made.

Queensland Police officers joined in on a game of cricket after the children fear they were going to be told off for using the road as a pitch. Source: Facebook

“Made my son's day. He reckons his first thought was, ‘Am I in trouble?’ I think he learnt a lesson today,” she wrote.

Ms Booth said two officers got out of the car before one of them, named Ricky, grabbed the bin and pulled it back into the middle of the road.

The mum said Ricky and colleague Snowy’s small gesture taught her son “respect, love and a sense of community”.

“Bad experiences may make a person angry and retaliate, but a good experience (can) teach us that you're approachable and (to) respect you as a person and not just an authority figure.”

In a comment on a separate post to Facebook, Ms Booth said the kind act was only a small glimpse into how police in the area were involved in many other areas of the community.

“Ricky comes to the daycare where I work for visits. He gets down and plays with the kids. Holds my daughter who is 20 months old for a while, and my daughter is one of those children who screams when I'm gone out of her sight,” she said.

“The police are always at events and you will even catch them doing corroboree with us.”

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