Queensland fitness revolution takes shape

A scientific test developed for elite athletes, is revolutionising the way Queenslanders lose weight.

Dieters shed more kilos by exercising less, with those who've tried it saying they're the fittest they've ever been.

Fleur Trickey had almost given up on losing weight but now she's running marathons.

The problem wasn't what she ate or the amount of exercise she did. A simple test showed she could work-out less and lose more.

"I feel great, I feel really good. I'm much lighter," the 42-year-old said

"I'm amazed because it's so specific and accurate; that's very efficient for your body."

Gold Coast physio Mark Barrett is one of few in the country offering the test to people who want to lose excess baggage.

The VO2 max isn't a quick-fix or a crash diet.

It's a scientifically proven way of measuring metabolism and analysing breath to determine at what heart rate you burn the most fat.

Fitness revolution... some of the high-tech equipment used during testing.
Fitness revolution... some of the high-tech equipment used during testing.

"Everyone's very different. It's about finding the exact levels they burn the most fat at," he said.

"I think most health professionals still don't know it exists here in Australia.

"There'll come a day when, if you come and see a dietician, you will have to have this sort of test."

Until recently, the technology was only available to athletes at elite training facilities. Now an increasing number of everyday Queenslanders are turning to science to lose weight.

Brisbane health professional Dr. David Woodward took the test and lost 15kg and managed to keep the weight off without dieting.

He doesn’t hesitate to recommend it to patients who want to slim down.

"It explained a lot of the reasons why I wasn't achieving what I wanted to achieve, with the training I was doing," the GP said.

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