Family's heartbreak as girl, 5, dies with Covid: 'Borrowed time'

A Queensland family is mourning the loss of a five-year-old girl, who they want to be remembered as a beloved daughter and sister, not a Covid statistic.

Ruby Boston had been battling Covid-19 for two weeks before her death. Within days her health rapidly deteriorated, she was put on a ventilator and her heart stopped.

"They resuscitated her and I think she came back so she could give me that time to say goodbye," her mother Ashleigh McCosker said tearfully in an interview with 7News.

Ruby was born prematurely in 2016 with microcephaly and cataracts and was diagnosed with the incurable Cockayne Syndrome Type 2 in 2018.

Pictured is Ruby Boston, the five-year-old who died two weeks after contracting Covid.
Ruby Boston died two weeks after contracting Covid, becoming the first child in Queensland to die from the disease. Source: GoFundMe

She was unable to develop the muscle tone to sit up, crawl or walk and despite being unable to speak, Ruby showed those around her that she loved them.

"It was apparent to anyone who had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Ruby, how bright her personality was and how she knew to love and be loved," a GoFundMe called 'Her Name Is Ruby' says.

"Her smile, little laugh and gestures were her way of communicating."

Ms McCosker told 7News Ruby was not yet vaccinated and she could only get an appointment for her daughter after she had contracted Covid-19.

The GoFundMe says Ruby's family believes reopening Queensland's borders before the rollout of Covid vaccines for children "contributed" to Ruby's death.

"Perhaps more support and forethought should have been given to the families of the young and vulnerable," the GoFundMe said.

Though the family acknowledged those with Cockayne Syndrome Type 2 have a life expectancy of five to seven years.

Pictured is Queensland mum, Ashleigh McCosker.
Queensland mum, Ashleigh McCosker, couldn't get her daughter vaccinated before she tested positive for Covid. Source: 7News

"Having been on ‘borrowed time’ since conquering pneumonia in both lungs in June of 2020, her little body had endured so much and was unable to fight any further illness," the GoFundMe says.

Ruby's death was announced on Wednesday, though she was not named.

"It's our very sad duty today to have to report our first young child that has passed away due to Covid," Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Wednesday.

"It's absolutely devastating to wake up to hear that news."

Not just a child who died of Covid

The GoFundMe was set up to support Ms McCosker and Ruby's sister while they process the loss of 'their cherished loved one".

Some of the money raised will also be donated to Make a Wish Foundation and the Amy and Friends Support Group on behalf of Ruby.

Pictured is Ruby Boston and her sister.
Ruby's family wants the world to know she was more than a child who died of Covid. Source: GoFundMe

"We really just wanted the world to know, she wasn’t just a child who died with Covid, she was someone’s child, she was my sister Ashleigh’s beloved daughter and her name was Ruby," the GoFundMe says.

So far, more than $17,000 has been raised.

Ruby graduated from kindergarten last year, where she made many friends, she travelled to the UK in 2018 for the Amy and Friends Conference.

"Other holidays throughout the year, along with trips to the park and local attractions with her family were all things to bring normality to the life of this extraordinary individual," the GoFundMe said.

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