Qld man breaks land speed record

A veteran Queensland drag racer has made an impressive start to his bid to become the world's fastest driver.

Trevor Slaughter returned home on Monday, after setting a new Australian record in his home built car.

The Queensland built Streamliner is rolled out on the seemingly endless flat surface on South Australia's Lake Gairdner.

The race to a world record begins with a push start - it took 30 years to get here and less than three minutes for the first run.

"I can honestly say that the exhilaration of when that car hooks up and pulls and gets up to speed and starts doing things... it's amazing, it's unbelievable," Mr Slaughter exclusively told 7 News.

In the tiny cockpit, Mr Slaughter and a group of mates built the car in his garage at Logan. He raced it three times, hitting 408 kilometres per hour - faster than a jumbo jet on takeoff.

If the 1600 kilometre journey home was flat, Mr Slaughter could've made it in just four hours, but he arrived today - three weeks after claiming Australia's land-speed record for three litre engines.

"I dunno, you must get record fever or something, but I just want the next one and the next one," he said.

Trevor now wants to double the speed he's already reached. He calls it 'Race to 800' - 800 kilometres per hour - a new world record for wheel driven cars.

But first he'll return to the salt flats in August to go for the Australian record set in 1964.

"That would be a very, very special moment for me.

Then he'll fit a Chinook helicopter engine and try to become the first Australian to hold the world record.