‘Shame on you Qantas’: Fury over regional flight prices

Qantas have been served up a furious “please explain” after regional Queensland flights were found to be almost four times the price of return flights to New Zealand.

Hamish Griffin contacted Australia’s largest airline in search of answers after he was asked to pay $1598 for Cloncurry to Townsville return flights.

“How on earth can it cost less to fly from Sydney to LA return that Cloncurry to Townsville 800kms away?” Mr Griffin wrote in a furious Facebook post to Qantas.

Hamish Griffin said Qantas were taking advantage of residents out in Australia's bushland. Source: Facebook

“Convince me that this is not profiteering and taking advantage of people living in the bush.”

“Absolute shame on you our national carrier.”

Qantas’ “vanilla response” was met with further criticism when they told Mr Griffin that “all fares are released 353 days in advance” and the cheapest sell out the fastest.

"We do fully understand your frustrations and we'll be sure to take your comments onboard,” Qantas spokeswoman Chloe replied.

Qantas' reply wasn't quite the explanation Mr Griffin or Facebook users were hoping for. Source: Facebook

As expected, Chloe’s generic response was shot down immediately by some of the 209 people that threw their support behind Mr Griffin’s post.

“We were going to be charged by Qantas $3994.00 return Isa to Bundaberg... obviously we drove,” one woman wrote.

“Welcome to Australian airlines riping (sic) off everyday Australians,” another added.

“My husband and I going to Darwin in a couple of months and it's costing more than what it costs to take us plus our two kids to Bali. And they wonder why we don't go on holidays in our own country,” a Queensland mother wrote.