Qantas passenger's 'gross' find on bread in business lounge

The traveller said the mould feels 'representative of the Qantas brand in recent years'.

A Qantas business lounge has been called out after a passenger found mould on their sandwich bread — but many are saying this kind of "quality" is to be expected with Qantas lounges these days.

The frequent flyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, was waiting for their delayed flight at Sydney Airport on April 1 when they decided to make themselves a sandwich at the food station in the lounge... only to find the bread was contaminated with mould.

"I took it up and waited a while to get a staff member's attention," they told Yahoo News Australia. "No apology, they just took it back towards the kitchen and a few minutes later a staff member checked the bread and selectively removed about half of it."

In the time between notifying the staff and some of the bread being removed, the passenger says they saw "several people" use it to make sandwiches.

Image of break with mould from Qantas lounge in Sydney.
The Qantas frequent flyer said staff eventually removed some of the bread, but not before others had made their own sandwiches without being notified. Source: Supplied/Getty

Flyers say they 'avoid' Qantas domestic lounges

"It feels representative of the Qantas brand in recent years," the traveller continued, explaining they will "typically avoid" going to Sydney's Qantas lounge as it is "so bad".

"I try to arrive last minute at the airport and just wait at the gate. This time my flight was delayed so I paid a visit, but won’t be doing so again."

This Qantas passenger is not alone in their view, after sharing the image of the bread in an Australian frequent flyer group. Others shared similar experiences — with one labelling the find "gross".

"Last year I was given complimentary lounge access at Brisbane. First time going and I felt like I was about to be in the cool kids club," one began. "Walked in, looked at the stale food options and the filled seating, turned around, then headed to the nearest cafe for a hot breakfast with a good coffee..."

"Went to make a toastie in the business lounge in Melbourne on 23rd of March and my bread also had mould in it. Same small dot on the inner part of the loaf! Gross!" another said.

Yahoo reached out to Qantas for comment and is awaiting a response.

Qantas International Business Lounge also called out recently

An Aussie traveller who said he "can’t believe how bad" Qantas has become while its fares remain sky-high, took aim at the state of one of the airline's international business lounges, which he recently described as "just embarrassing".

Speaking to Yahoo previously, the traveller said he'd been a "Lifetime Gold Qantas frequent flyer for the better part of 20 years", but "stopped flying with them [regularly] a long time ago" due to their "increased costs and declining service".

For him, a simple detail in the business class lounge highlighted how far the company has fallen.

Yahoo understands Qantas's Sydney International Business Lounge will receive a complete refresh as part of a $100 million investment in customer comfort.

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