Qantas makes huge change to boarding

Qantas is changing the way passengers get on flights. Picture: NewsWire / Ben Clark

Qantas says a shake-up to how passengers board planes will cut standing-around time at the gate and on the tarmac.

A new system splits passengers into six groups, divided by class, frequent flyer status and seat location.

The airline reckons trials of the system across the country sped up queues at the gate and hastened seating.

Group boarding, which is common on many international airlines but not in local airports, splits passengers into six groups based on what class they're in, their frequent flyer status and seat location. Picture: Qantas
Passengers will get a group number of one to six. Picture: Qantas

Qantas Domestic chief executive Markus Svensson said the change should make more planes leave on time.

“We’re continuing to look for ways to respond to pain points and improve the travel experience for our customers,” Mr Svensson said.

“We know how important on time departure is to our customers, so this process is also about doing everything possible to ensure we depart on time.”

Qantas lost its mantle of most punctual Aussie carrier in April. Picture: NewsWire / Ben Clark

Virgin overtook Qantas as the most punctual carrier in Australia in April.

From Monday at Brisbane Airport, passengers on the flying kangaroo will get a boarding group number of one to six on their ticket.

Once your group number is called, you can board.

Anyone lucky enough to have travelled overseas may know similar systems are used internationally.

Qantas’ new system comes into effect at Brisbane today, Perth next week, and then Melbourne and Sydney later in the month.

Signs and announcements will help clarify which of the six groups is boarding at what times, the airline says.