Six abandoned puppies rescued from roadside soon available for adoption

Six staffy cross puppies who were left to die on the side of the road have been given a second chance at life.

The sibling pups are being cared for by staff at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, where they will be nursed back to health before being put up for adoption.

Six puppies found abandoned are being given a second chance at life. Source: 7 News

At just one week old, the precious pups are far too young to fend for themselves, but that didn't stop someone from dumping them near a pile of hard rubbish in Hoppers Crossing.

The puppies are only a week old. Source: 7 News

"It's really disappointing that someone would do this," Serena Horg from Lort Smith said.

"There's absolutely no reason to abandon animals in hard rubbish."

Serena Horg said it was

The puppies were found and taken home by an eagle-eyed passerby before Lort Smith stepped in to nurse them back to health.

When they came into the animal hospital they were covered in dirt and urine.

"They definitely were very, very hungry and they've been non-stop feeders ever since," Ms Horg said.

Sadly one of the puppies died on Wednesday after battling pneumonia, but staff say they are confident of a steady recovery for the remaining six, with each pup being looked after by a dedicated foster parent.

The pups were
Each puppy is getting individual attention. Source: 7 News

The shelter plans to wait until the dogs are a little older before adopting them out.

A Facebook competition is already underway to help name them.

The shelter plans to adopt the pups out when they are a little older. Source: 7 News

"At the moment they're all a little bit too young to work out their personalities, but in two weeks hopefully we'll be able to do that," Ms Horg said.