Pulitzer winner Rick Atkinson has book deal that includes his next two volumes on Revolutionary War

NEW YORK (AP) — Pulitzer Prize winner Rick Atkinson has a multi-book deal that reunites him with his longtime editor and brings him to a new publisher.

Atkinson has signed with Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, to complete the final two volumes of his highly anticipated Revolutionary War trilogy. The second volume, “The Fate of the Day,” covers the years 1777-80 and will come out in May 2025. Atkinson's previous works include the Pulitzer-winning “An Army at Dawn," part of his acclaimed World War II trilogy, and the first volume of his Revolutionary War chronicles, ”The British Are Coming."

“Mr. Atkinson is a revolutionary in his own right, having transformed the genre of popular history,” Crown President David Drake said in a statement Wednesday. “With book after book, he sets the bar at a very high level, delivering works of deep scholarship that also display a masterful literary flair.”

At Crown, Atkinson will work with editor John Sterling, who handled all of the author's books at his previous publisher, Henry Holt and Company. Atkinson's book deal also includes a graphic novel adaptation of “The British Are Coming” and young people's editions of his next two Revolutionary War works.