Pug Life! How a dog named Homer took over Instagram

Natasha Christian

A dog named Homer is taking over Instagram with his awesome pug life.

In the last year Homer has gained more than 63,000 followers due to his incredibly cute antics and his rad pug style.

His owner Mei Chandra, 26, of Perth adopted Homer a year ago when he was one-year-old.

He had developed an eye condition and needed a new home.

Photo: Instagram
Homer and his owner Mei Photo: Supplied

“I got him for my birthday last year,” Ms Chandra said.

“He’s two years old now. I can’t imagine my life without Homer… He brings joy to my life every single day”.

When Ms Chandra started sharing photos of Homer online, she began to realise her dog was a lot more popular than she was.

Homer and Mei Photo: Supplied

“I kept getting friends saying turn your Instagram into a page about Homer,” she said.

So she did just that.

Her photos of Homer in costume and videos of him doing every day 'human' activities quickly gained a strong following.

Homer likes to play lion. Photo: Instagram

So far his owner has spent more than $2000 on Homer’s pug wardrobe.

“His first outfit was a lion one,” Ms Chandra said.

“He loves wearing the outfits as it’s the only time he gets a treat.

He's beeeeautiful! Photo: Instagram
Homer being awesome. Photo: Instagram

“My husband thinks I’m a bit crazy for doing it but he’s understanding”.

The cute costumes, teamed up with Homer’s funny facial expressions have proved to be Instagram gold.

And while Homer may look like the life of the party in real life his owner said he’s actually pretty shy.

“In the beginning he was really scared of people but I take him to obedience classes and have worked a lot with him to get him to what he’s become now,” Ms Chandra said.

Follow Homer’s pug life on Instagram @homerpugalicious