Public transport fares cut across Qld

Public transport users across Queensland are getting a five per cent fare cut.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson says it's the first statewide cut and it starts now, covering public ferry, bus and train services.

It's being made on the back of savings from the end of the carbon tax, he says.

Mr Emerson also committed to keeping fares frozen next year.

"This is the first statewide cut to public transport fares in Queensland history," he told ABC radio.

"People will start seeing those savings from today. And next year, as part of this plan, there'll be no increase either."

Beyond that, a 2.5 per cent increase has been budgeted for.

Mr Emerson said the cut was the result of a public consultation campaign, which asked if Queenslanders wanted cheaper fares or increased services.

About 75 per cent had opted for cheaper tickets.

The change will save commuters between about $80 and $300 a year, Mr Emerson said.

He said the government was handing back to commuters the $30 million it had been paying in carbon tax.

The fare cut will also apply to tram services on the Gold Coast.