'Public nuisance' avoids jail after baby threat hoax on Gold Coast

A magistrate has slammed a man who claimed he was going to harm a baby on the Gold Coast.

Ian Jensen sparked a major manhunt after he told a service station worker he had a baby in a bag and intended to drown the child.

At 10.30am on Thursday he walked into a BP petrol station in Labrador and made the horrific claim.

Ian Jensen, 44, sparked a major manhunt after claiming he was going to harm a baby. Source: 7 News
Jensen told petrol station staff he had a baby in a bag. Source: 7 News

An Amber Alert was issued nationwide and police spent four hours combing the streets from Labrador to Southport looking for any sign of the man.

After a tipoff from a member of the public, Jensen was found on a street in Southport.

The claims sparked a four-hour manhunt and an Amber Alert. Source: 7 News
The man walked into this BP petrol station in Labrador. Source: 7 News

He admitted there was never any baby, and claimed it was meant to be a joke.

He was sentenced two years jail on Friday, but immediately released on probation.

The Magistrate labelled him a pest, describing him as "the definition of public nuisance".