Pub workers jailed after CCTV captures their 'inside job' armed robbery

Four men have been sentenced over an armed robbery at a Sydney pub, where they all worked.

Their crime was an inside job, and the entire ordeal was captured on CCTV.

A single photo of a man surrounded by thousands of dollars in cash, led to the capture of the group of criminals.

The photo that reportedly led to the arrest of four pub employees.
The photo that reportedly led to the arrest of four pub employees.

In court the magistrate called the men’s work that of a ‘mad enterprise’.

Adam Elshaimy and Ammar Chahal were caught on security cameras staging the armed robbery at their workplace, during the early hours of a morning in July 2013.

They were videoed with their faces covered, smashing their way through the glass entrance of the venue.

It’s believed the offenders had been spying on the owners of the Kings Cross Vegas Hotel for a number of weeks prior.

The pair then pretended to tie up a co-worker and filled a black bag with thousands of dollars.

The duo then made their escape with Adam’s brother, Islam Elshaimy, their getaway driver.

The fourth man involved in the heist was named as Mandouh Chahal.

It’s believed the group had planned a second robbery, three months after the first one.

The Elshaimy brothers both received jail time for the crime, four and a half years and three years and nine months.

Ammar Chahal received two years and three months and Mandouh Chahal will be assessed to see if he can serve his sentence in the community.

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