Protests trigger threats against Islamic Society

An Adelaide Muslim leader has revealed Saturday’s violent protests in Sydney have triggered a tirade of hate messages and threats against the Islamic Society.

Dr Waleed Alkhazrajy, the President of the Islamic Society of South Australia, told 7News the society had this week received threatening messages and emails.

“They might not carry through on that threat or remarks, but we’re (at) the same time scared of these people, they are attacking us,” he told 7News.

“Step back and be constructive and come and talk to us and we’ll be working through together.”

Muslim leaders across Australia have called for calm as a text message, like the one that prompted the violent scenes in Sydney, began circulating in Melbourne today.

In a statement released yesterday evening, the Islamic Society of South Australia condemned the Saturday’s violent protests in Sydney.

“…we condemn in the strongest possible terms, the provocative and offensive content of the film depicting the Prophet Muhammad that was recently released,” the statement said.

“However, such insults do not provide individuals with the right to react violently against others and retaliate in a manner as was demonstrated by a few of the protesters on that day.”

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