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Protesters block Sydney tunnel and streets causing commuter chaos

Sydney city streets were blocked during a chaotic climate change protest on Monday morning which included a car stopped across one of the main approaches to the CBD.

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel was temporarily closed causing commuter mayhem after one representative from Blockade Australia locked herself inside a car, blocking the southbound entrance and causing heavy delays in the area.

The Blockade Australia protest began at Hyde Park at 8am but moved across the city’s CBD towards the harbour.

Sydney Harbour Tunnel protest traffic
A woman from Blockade Australia locked herself in a car blocking traffic at the Sydney Harbour Tunnel entrance in protest. Source: Nine News

Protesters were banging drums and throwing items onto the road, including road signs, with police reportedly trying to control the crowd, ABC News Breakfast reported.

Some streets are being blocked with wheelie bins, plastic crates and other items, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel has reopened at North Sydney however southbound traffic on the Warringah Freeway and Gore Hill Freeway remains heavy.

Workers travelling through the area should expect delays.

'We have to stand'

The Blockade Australia protester who locked herself inside the Hyundai hatchback harbour tunnel entrance has reportedly been arrested, Nine News reports.

In a video shared by Blockade Australia, the 22-year-old woman named Mali revealed she was protesting against "the climate destruction that is happening in this continent right now."

"There are some really angry people who are screaming and threatening me - banging on windows and doors," she said from within her car.

"This is climate change, it is here it is happening now, it is terrifying what is going on in the world and we have to stand, I can not stay silent anymore."

Long delays for frustrated commuters

The delays left commuters furious with many taking to Twitter.

"What a waste of resources. Go home d***heads," one said.

"An idiot from Blockade Australia has blocked the entrance to the Sydney Harbour Tunnel & chained herself to it," another witness Tweeted.

"Do as the Italians do — a few big Aussie fellas should lift her car out of the way & go about their business. Then she should go to jail."

Hundreds of protestors stormed through streets in Sydney's CBD throwing items including crates and signs. Source: Blockade Australia
Hundreds of protestors stormed through streets in Sydney's CBD throwing items including crates and signs. Source: Blockade Australia

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