The Qantas ad that has Aussies in tears: 'Can't watch that'

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The Project's Steve Price is not known for being emotional but struggled to keep it together on Monday night's episode of the show as they discussed the new Qantas commercial, something that has been touching hearts across Australia.

The 66-year-old became emotional after a short snippet of the ad was shown, revealing he can't watch it given the current circumstances.

The Project's Steve Price
The Project's Steve Price revealed he can't watch the new Qantas ad as it makes him too emotional given he's separated from his family. Photo: Ten

"I can't actually watch that without tearing up," he confessed.

The new ad shows people reflecting on days of past travel as they dream about future trips to see family, get married or even just take their children to Disneyland.


Given the numerous border closures around the country as well as lockdowns, Steve said it was too much for him.

"I've got a daughter in Canberra who I can't see and she can't see me. I've got a sister in Western Australia who can't see me and I can't see her. I have a mother in Adelaide," the presenter, who is based in Melbourne, said.

The Project hosts
Carrie Bickmore agreed, saying she hopes crossing borders to other states won't feel like crossing into another country soon. Photo: Ten

"I can't go to any of these places, I've been on a plane once in a year. I imagine, I'm not as bad off as most people, but family reunions and Christmas in the same sentence and people not getting together. I mean seriously..." he added.

"I think that's why when you hear [WA Premier Mark McGowan] hold firm and you understand why, I've got family in WA and Adelaide and stuff as well, you do want to come back as a country," host Carrie Bickmore agreed. "You want us to be back on the same page so that crossing borders isn't like crossing countries. You know, we are the one country."

"We had a taste of that, right?" Waleed Aly added. "Remember, there was that moment where all the borders were gone, you saw all the family reunions. News crews were at every airport filming them."

"It was like Love Actually in real life!" Carrie said, with Waleed agreeing. 

"It's a great ad, that's a beautiful song," Steve added before joking to Carrie, "And now we know why you're dressed in a Qantas uniform," referencing her pink and red outfit.

Abbie Chatfield was also overcome by emotion as she watched the ad, taking to her Instagram Stories to tag the Shameless podcast hosts Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, who also shared their own crying photos to Instagram.

"Are you two f***ing serious?" she questioned as tears streamed down her face. "Zara and Michelle this is your fault, I didn't know that existed."

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie Chatfield was quickly in tears as she watched the ad. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield
Clementine Ford crying
Clementine Ford also found herself crying at the ad. Photo: Instagram/Clementine Ford

"This is so bad," she added with a laugh.

The podcast host then said she was watching "all the other ads", telling her followers, "Knowing the furthest we can roam is our suburbs..."

Then she jokingly sang, "No matter how far down to the beach I roam, I still call the suburb I'm still in home!"

Clementine Ford also shared her reaction to her Instagram Stories, writing, "Jesus Christ. I was fine until the very last sentence and then I just collapsed."

Fifi Box watched the ad live on air on the Fifi, Fev and Nick show and teared up, saying, "It's got me... I want to go on a plane! Why can't we go anywhere, this is so sad!" 

"I just wanna go to Disneyland!" she added through the tears.

Twitter users also shared their reactions to the ad with one user writing, "Brilliant pro-vaccination ad from @Qantas. Why couldn't the government have done something like this?"

Labor leader Bill Shorten agreed, writing, "Qantas made the pro-vax ad the Morrison Government should have but didn’t."

Rob Cook, one of the actors from the ad also wrote, "Good morning Australia and sorry for the tears. Get vaccinated Australia."

"I really wish someone had warned me how hard this Qantas ad would hit," wrote one Aussie.

"The Qantas ad is GOOD and I sobbed but the truth is it only works on those of us who think of international travel as important (either due to cultural connections, access to resources, outlook) but lots of Australians don’t so it’s probably not going to get to them," another pointed out.

"Can’t watch the Qantas ad," someone else added. "My heart won’t take it. Have cried three times today just reading people’s tweets about it. Sending huge love to anyone else who’s missing family overseas. I know there’s a lot of you. We hope and we dream and we hold on for those reunions."

"Top tip...If you’re already emotional from 204 days of #Melbourne lockdown, DON’T WATCH THIS @Qantas ad," shared another. "It’s too late for me... But I’m trying to help others."

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