Principal, deputy sacked after excluding female staff members at Sydney high school

A Sydney high school principal and his deputy have been sacked after female teachers were excluded from school events.

Parents say they are stunned Punchbowl Boys High School principal Chris Griffiths and deputy Jemmana Dennaoiu were dismissed this week in a sudden, swift removal.

“He’s a very good principal,” one parent said.

Principal Griffiths (left) and his deputy have been removed from the school. Picture: 7 News

“Honestly, he makes you feel like you’re part of the family, he’s never been anything but that,” another added.

The Education Department removed both men from their positions after several female teachers reported they were discriminated against.

Some of those female teachers were furious with the decision to exclude them from taking official roles at a Year 12 graduation and awards presentation.

Punchbowl Boys High School. Picture: 7 News

“Decisive action has been taken by the department to change the leadership team at the school,” Education Minister Rob Stokes said in a statement.

“A new principal with great experience has been appointed, effective immediately.”

According to the complaint, the award ceremony exclusion was just one of a number of issues at the school, which has predominantly Muslim students.

The decision to sack the school leaders comes after Hurstville Boys High introduced a policy allowing Muslim students to refuse to shake the hands of female teachers.

Anti-discrimination campaigner Alison Bevege said more needs to be done to ensure women at the school are treated fairly.

“I don’t think sacking the principals is enough, quite frankly,” she said.

Punchbowl Boys High School. Picture: 7 News

“I think there needs to be an inquiry into how this happened, why this was allowed to occur and why they thought it was okay to do this in the first place.”

It is understood the government is now seeking legal advice to cover all schools.