Principal busted ripping off graduation speech

A high school principal in Florida was caught plagiarizing a speech to his school's recent graduates from a video that has millions of hits on YouTube.

A US high school principal has been caught stealing an inspirational speech from a popular YouTube video.

The Daily Mail reports Principal Mark Stenner of West Boca High School in Florida, is under investigation by his school district after he lifted almost his whole speech from an English teacher in Massachusetts.

The original speech, given by David McCullough Jnr to a his high school’s class of 2012, was titled ‘You Are not Special’.

It turned out to be a little bit special and caught the attention of more than 2.2million viewers.

McCullough’s message to his class was that they were not unique in a world of seven billion people.

Principal Stenner seems to have enjoyed the speech so much he pretty much copy, pasted it into his own.

Despite being accused of doing so, Mr Stenner didn’t believe he had plagiarised his speech.

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