Princess Beatrice Will Reportedly Be "Stepping Up" Her Royal Engagements

She's pitching in as King Charles and Kate Middleton receive cancer treatment.

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The British royal family has fallen on hard times in recent weeks due to King Charles and Kate Middleton's cancer diagnoses—Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie shouldered more engagements in order to help out their relatives, and now Princess Beatrice is following suit.

According to Us Weekly, "Beatrice will be stepping up the number of engagements she does" in the coming weeks and will have a bigger role within the monarchy as the family's current health struggles continue.

This isn't a replacement for Middleton's role, though— the Us source clarified that Beatrice “will not stand in” for the Princess of Wales, but her newly elevated role will allow her “to help the royals out and be available to do more.”



Beatrice's increased presence comes amid Edward and Sophie similarly stepping up and taking on more royal engagements in light of Middleton and Charles's cancer. The pair made history last month by filling in for Charles at the 120th anniversary celebration parade of the Entente Cordiale on April 8, with an Us Weekly source at the time calling them the "chosen ones" for being selected to take on the important event.

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Despite increases their presence on the royal scene, Edward and Sophie's efforts went unrewarded—by the end of April, Us Weekly reported that Charles doled out new appointments to Queen Camilla, Prince William and Middleton, with none for Edward or Sophie. “[They] knew Charles was getting ready to announce the new honors and he also told William and Kate in advance," a royal expert told the outlet.

The source continued, “Sophie has been supportive of him during this transitional period and they are really hoping it leads to something bigger and shows they are up to the task. It was disappointing, the snub, but they are still as loyal as ever and know in time this will be rewarded. Charles has done nothing but sing their praises lately and it's brought them even closer as brothers.”



While it's unclear what is in store for Beatrice's future, the only thing that is certain is Middleton's step back from her royal duties. Following her cancer announcement on March 22, a palace spokesperson explained that the Princess of Wales "will return to official duties when she is cleared to do so by her medical team. She is in good spirits and is focused on making a full recovery."

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