Prince Harry says he’s watched Meghan Markle’s small role in 2006 film

Prince Harry has proven once again he’s Meghan Markle’s biggest fan.

The Duke of Sussex, 39, attended the Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Beverly Hills, California, on 19 January. The royal was being recognised for his work as a British Army veteran and pilot, and cracked a joke about his father King Charles III during his speech.

Among those in attendance included director Matthew Cole Weiss, who had previously directed the 2006 TV movie Deceit, in which Meghan appears in one scene. Taking to social media, Weiss recalled his encounter with Harry and revealed that the father of two has watched his wife’s small role in the film.

“Got to have a full convo with Prince Harry. Super sweet. He knew of the movie I directed starring Meghan! Said he watched it before,” Weiss wrote on X, formerly Twitter. The movie producer also shared a photo of the royal, who was dressed in a black suit jacket with a white button-up shirt and black bow tie.

The psychological thriller follows a young man who returns home after his father’s death and falls in love with his best friend’s wife. Meghan plays Gwen during one scene in the film, a friend of the protagonist who offers advice to the main character. Weiss later added that the film was “admittedly not my best work but still. It is the film that made me stop directing though lol [laugh out loud]”.

The Duchess of Sussex received her breakout role in 2011, after being cast as paralegal Rachel Zane in the USA Network drama series, Suits. She was featured on the TV show for seven seasons, before the series ended in 2019. Shortly after Meghan wrapped filming in November 2017, she and Harry announced their engagement that same month.

Despite leaving Suits to fulfill her royal duties, Meghan has continued to show her support for the show. The drama series gained an onslaught of new fans after it hit Netflix last summer, recording 45 billion minutes of streaming time. While attending Variety’s Power of Women event last November, Meghan reacted to the show’s renaissance.

“Is that right?” she asked in amazement at the “wild” 45 billion figure. “But who’s counting?” she quipped. Meghan admitted that she had “no idea” what was causing the show’s recent uptick in popularity, but shared her appreciation for her Suits family.

“It was great to work on, such a great cast and crew. We had such a fun time. I was on it for seven seasons - so quite a bit,” she said. “It’s hard to find a show that you can binge-watch that many episodes of these days, so that could have something to do with it. But, good shows are everlasting.”

Meghan has remained close with her Suits co-stars, with many of them attending her royal wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in May 2018. However, the duchess won’t be invited to the Suits cast group chat any time soon.

When Suits star Gina Torres attended the 2024 Golden Globes earlier this month, she was asked about a potential cast reunion on the red carpet. Variety’s Marc Malkin asked whether Torres and her former co-stars planned on the surprise reunion, adding: “Are you all texting each other?”

In response, Torres - who starred as Jessica Pearson in the legal drama series - confirmed that there is a Suits group chat and some of her former co-stars have been “texting each other”.

“Yeah, our text thread is insane right now,” she said. When Malkin then questioned Torres on “who texted Meghan” to invite her to the Golden Globes reunion, Torres replied: “We don’t have her number. We just don’t, so…”

However, the actor expressed her hope that the duchess would find out about the reunion anyway. “She’ll see, she’ll watch,” Torres said. “She’ll be happy that we’re here.”