Prince Harry 'nude photos' leaked

Prince Harry has cemented his status as the Playboy Prince after apparent nude photos of him partying in Las Vegas were leaked to celebrity gossip site TMZ.

The photographs appear to show Prince Harry cupping his genitals and holding onto an unidentified topless woman while playing pool in a Las Vegas apartment.

TMZ reports Harry "went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of hot chicks ... and invited them up to his VIP suite."

That's when 'things got wild', and Prince Harry was snapped showing off the Crown Jewels for his roomful of admirers.

The palace hasn't yet responded to the leak to confirm if it is in fact Prince Harry.

However the man in the photos is wearing the same necklace as one Harry was spotted wearing earlier this week.

The Prince has been in Vegas winding down after a busy few weeks on royal duties at the Olympics.

Prince Harry was captured on video partying in Las Vegas yesterday as a group of beautiful women watched on.

It has also been reported the Prince challenged US swimming superstar Ryan Lochte to a swimming race in a nightclub pool at 3am one morning.

It's not known who won the race, but our money is on Lochte.

Photos: Prince Harry's greatest hits
Photos: Prince Harry's greatest hits

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