Presidents Biden, Obama And Clinton To Appear On 'SmartLess' Podcast

On Thursday, three U.S. presidents did something no three U.S. presidents have ever done: They dabbled in podcasting together.

President Joe Biden and former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton joined the hosts of “SmartLess” to record an episode that will air at an unspecified date, according to the White House.

The presidential trio is apparently trying to make the most of their time together in New York City, where they are expected to host a massive fundraiser for Biden’s reelection campaign on Thursday evening.

Biden and Obama were seen disembarking from Air Force One and hopping into The Beast, a heavily armored presidential limousine, earlier in the day.

“SmartLess” hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes are longtime pals who started podcasting together during the height of the COVID pandemic. They’ve also taken their show on the road, recording episodes live for a series on HBO Max.

One host typically picks a guest to bring on the show, without telling the other two who it is, for a freewheeling conversation about their work and lives.

It won’t be Biden’s first time on the pod, having already joined “SmartLess” in October 2022. That episode was released about two weeks after it was announced.