Premature twins home for Christmas

A Sydney family is preparing for a very special Christmas Day tomorrow with their premature babies finally going home.

The pair had a rough start to life, being born at 31 weeks, weighing 1.6kgs or 3 .5 pounds in the old measurement.

They were nine weeks premature and were unable to breathe without a machine.

They weren’t meant to come home until next month however incredibly, little William and Isla have improved so much they’re coming home for Christmas.

Mum Kimberly Bracken says it’s a huge surprise.

“I'm thrilled. Yeah, I can't believe it."

Kimberly knew her babies were getting the best possible care with staff at Sydney's Royal Hospital for Women giving them every chance to survive.

However she said despite that it was very distressing.

"I was a mess, I went down to see them and cried all the time, to see them all wired up."

And like any mum, Kimberly couldn't help but worry.

"I thought they would live but I was really worried that there'd be something wrong with them."

Isla and Willian are finally home. Photo: Seven
Isla and Willian are finally home. Photo: Seven

William was the stronger of the two getting the all clear first.

Then Isla rapidly improved - allowing Kimberly and husband Daniel to take their twins home earlier than expected.

"I just wanna thank the hospital and the doctors and the nurses because they've saved their lives and we're just really really happy,” says Kimberly.

So is big sister, Abigail. She's already had a big impact on the twins’ lives, her parents letting her choose Isla’s name.

The twins are two Christmas miracles for the Bracken family.